Healing and Development Center on Samui Beach

Detox, Herbal Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Coaching, Fitness, Muay Thai, Thai Massage, Breathwork
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Thailand – Koh Samui Island
detox, fasting, colon cleansing and weight loss program
Feel the benefits long after our meeting

Holistic Retreats Samui is the perfect location for your wellness & detox retreat ensuring rest & relaxation throughout your stay. Surrounded by the breath taking views of the cobalt blue sea & neighboring islands. We specialize in wellbeing retreats, detox & healing therapies to bring you into complete balance & restoring a sense of serenity & vitality. With over 20 years’ experience in detox it’s only place that is authorized by Health Department of Thailand. We have Dr. Manta Darnswarats support and personal interest to look after the clients. Her reputation for the effective & accessible Detox and Fasting programs in Thailand with her vast experience and knowledge in herbs & Traditional Chinese Medicine. For your body, strenght and flexibility we have Przemek Saleta, Kickboxing World Champion. To find best way to achieve great result will take care Mario Now, Holistic Life Coach. Join us for one of our retreats or daily program well-fitting to everyone.


We looking for a human like a one structure. Connecting everything together: Mind, Body and Soul, if one of this part it's imbalance the other don't work properly as well. With wide and deep experience of Dr. Manta you are on good hand to find the best way to your natural and individual healing process.


In our portfolio we had different kinds of strategies and ways to support your personal and spiritual development. What is most important we care more what it's most beneficial for you on this moment in your life. We giving you plan for your next months or years so you can apply even without our help. We take responsibility for the quality of our services, expectations and goals.


For your wonderful time with us we hired nature, sea, beach and comfy accommodation. We enjoyed everyday staying on this amazing place. We wanna show you local culture and sacred rituals connected with Samui Island. No matter how long you will stay with us we will gave 100% of our experience, talent, support and love!

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Don’t try to make them happy, you’ll only get in trouble. Don’t try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it irritates the pig.
Anthony de Mello "Awareness"

Dr. Manta

Acupuncture 90%
Herbs 80%
Massage 70%
Thai Cooking 70%
Reiki 80%


Box 90%
Kickboxing 80%
Fitness 70%
Muay Thail 70%
Gym 80%

Mario Now

Guidance Meditation 90%
Breathwork 80%
Life Coaching 70%
Marketing 70%
Flow Therapy 80%

Our space for meetings, workshops and therapy

For your safety and comfort, we hold our events in different places. these places are also available to hold events for your family and friends, or for business purposes.
Comfy Rooms
Comfy Accommodation on Beach Bungalow. Aircon, hot shower, bamboo matrace, sea view.
Amazing Sunrise and Sunset View
Holistic Sala
Sea View Sala for your daily personal and spiritual activities: Meditation, Yoga, Massage, Workshops.


Meet our team-family. We are here to give you the best things we got from our life experiences.
Mario Now
Mario Now Holistic Life Coach
Born in Poland. Since 2013, he's been living in the Philippines. His experience is based on NLP, Law of Attraction and Transpersonal Psychology. He is focused on deep group and individual workshops. He helps people integrate changed to their daily lives to achieve peace, harmony, and wealth.
Dr. Manta Darnswarats
Dr. Manta Darnswarats Traditional Chinese Medicine
Founder and Creator of Healing Detox Program. Her 20 years experience with Alternative Medicine gave many clients amazing results. Her reputation and engagement on herbal healing, acupuncture, traditional massage and special detox healing bring many people who need support and help on many different problems.

For any questions, proposal or feedback, feel free to contact us.